How Forcast rose above some of Australia's leading fashion retailers within 30 days

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Project Overview

With over 50 stores across the country, Forcast has provided Australia’s working women with sophisticated yet trending work-to-date-wear and timeless chic essentials.

As a renowned brand, Forcast’s boutiques already saw a lot of foot traffic. But with its lacklustre online presence, there was a clear opportunity to draw in more engagement through their website from their growing 25+ female target audience.

Our Proposal

Much of Forcast’s previous marketing strategy was focused on branded keywords. Our SEO and Google Ad strategy was to switch the focus to generic high- search- volume keywords so that the brand could better acquire or keep new customers, instead of just those searching for ‘Forcast’.


  • Drive qualified traffic to their website using Google Ads and SEO
  • Reach their target audience online and generate more sales
  • Improve brand awareness in the highly competitive women’s apparel space
  • Create a stronger Google Shopping foundation

Strategy & Awareness

Our audit found Forcast was wasting ad spend with a weak online presence and an ad strategy that was not converting.  We found;

  • Improper use of location ad targeting
  • Duplicated shopping product groups across different shopping campaigns
  • Lack of new audience targeting
  • Insufficient text ads and responsive search ads in some categories

Our Approach

High Volume Search Keywords

We flipped the focus from branded navigational keywords targeting ‘Forcast’, onto keywords around their best-selling products. This;

  • Increased overall traffic to the website & brand awareness
  • Drove up conversions

This helped Forcast showcase products to make sales boom!

Keyword-Negating Strategy

Forcast’s previous Google Ad spend wasn’t efficient at getting them a great rate of return. We;

  • We plugged in negative keywords to tune out irrelevant searches
  • Reduced Google Ad Spend (CPA)

As a result, Forcast got quality leads way more likely to convert!

New Audience Targeting

We discovered much of the previous Google Ads (PPC) strategy was targeted towards traffic that would come already come through organically. Our experts;

  • Performed keyword research to bid on more profitable searchers
  • Monitored the campaign to increase reach

This helped ad spend go further, letting their base grow!

Search Engine Optimised Category Pages

We wanted to make Forcast’s website stronger to better organically compete with the highly competitive women’s clothing industry;

  • Organically boost all pages across Forcast’s categories with best SEO practices

The result was huge! Forcast got 7 high volume keywords ranked number 1 on Google in one month!

Results So Far

+443% Increase in Overall Revenue
With the brand’s improved Google Ads, Forcast experienced an astounding 440% increase in revenue from our suggested generic search terms.
78% Increase in ROAS
Our Google Ads and SEO strategy were rewarded with a sharp conversion rate on ad spend up by 78%, in only a few months.
+580% Increase in Transactions
Within just one month, we managed to achieve 102 conversions on the website when previously they only managed a meagre 15 in the prior few months. Forcast continues to see great gains and together we're looking forward to seeing them increase transactions even more.

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How Forcast rose above some of Australia's leading fashion retailers within 30 days

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